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Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls are cool

Girls rule boys. Girls rock.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Girls and boys rule. They are both smart.

Monday, April 19, 2010

BIG bros in space

BIG bros in space


Room18 boys rock.

Girls Rock and Rule!

Girls are smarter and cooler than boys. BOYS need help from girls with EVERYTHING.

boys rule

The boys rule room 18.
The boys are fast at everything and the girls are slow.


The GIRLS in room 18 rock cause they're much SMARTER THAN THE BOYS.

We are going to crazy land

Room 18 Rocks.

We work hard and we never give up and we have to listen hard.

Room 18 is the best class in Botany Downs

We have the best teacher in the world.

boy in room 18

Boys rule the planet because they are

faster and stronger

than girls.


boys and girls

My class rocks and the girls are pretty as a star.

Mrs Fernandes rocks and is the best teacher in the school.

Room 18 Rocks and so do we...

Room 18 blows the house down with all the weird boys that scream like girls!!!

Girls are awesome and cool and they are better than boys at everything!!!

But we are still the best class!!!


Room18 rocks.

Room 18 rocks boys are cool because they never give up.

Room 18 rocks

Boys are cool. Girls are fabulous.


I like cars and I like Orewa. Hello today the weather is sunny and the sky is blue.

Room 18 blows the house down with all the weird boys
The girls are awesome and cool!

But we are still the best class in the world!!!

room 18 rocks!

Room 18 is very creative and brilliant. room 18 are the best in the school and the world

We are smart like scientists , quiet workers, amazing artists we are the best. We are coolest kids in town.

room 18 rocks the boys scream like girls and the girls rock like rockstars

room18 rap

Yo we're Room 18, our teacher Mrs Fernandes yeah she's the 1 the coolest 1! yo term 2 our topic is space yeah that's riyt we are out of space yeah..